Revvv It Up Labs

“Real-time” feedback and guidance that validate your concepts.

As resources to complement your efforts, our Revvv It Up Labs are geared to provide expertise and direction that address specific items. Each lab provides participants a forum to develop and test their ideas in “real-time.”

Business Development Lab
Does it Stack Up?

This lab provides a platform to “pitch” your product concept to prospective clients and industry experts. The immediate feedback received from the panel can be immediately incorporated into your plans, creating an agile development process. Moreover, it enables you to generate interest in your products/services. These events are held with panelists composed of industry experts and potential clients.

**Note: Only available for specific categories and/or industries.

Traction Lab
Can we Blitzscale & Ignite Results?

The Traction Lab provides access to marketing / sales experts.  The marketing sessions focus on leveraging online or offline practices to drive awareness, engagement, and sales.  Whereas the sales session help define the appropriate sales model, structure channel &/or strategic alliances program, and design sales tools.  The Lab will help you create strategies to generate traction.

business development strategy image

Ready to pitch your product concept?